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Brochures - Countrywide plc

Many companies struggle to manage what can be hundreds of internal business templates or documents. But with smart documents that respond to data, the time and cost of managing these documents can be significantly reduced.

Our approach

We develop templates, sub-templates and advanced algorithms that determine text location and size. All our documents take the data contained in the system and automatically adjusts the content, branding and number of pages. to ensure the best results at the lowest cost. The data drives the result so that 100s of templates can be reduced down to just a few.

The solution

We spent considerable time with Countrywide’s marketing team gaining an understanding of how their brochures are used, what the variables are, and what determines the need of a brochure in the mind of an agent. From there we developed the technology that delivers this great tool.

The Result

Up to 50 brands under Countrywide now work from 20 – 30  brochure templates and there’s no issue of having out-of-date agreements or forms lying around the office. Maintenance, development and compliance costs are greatly reduced.