Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a multi-purpose property consultancy company headquartered in London (UK) with 523 offices in 60 territories and more than 18,000 employees

The task was to implement a mobile, digital property inspection process to improve productivity, accuracy and compliance for residential property appraisal and valuation in Australia for a team of over 30 surveyors.

The solution

Apex provided a digital sketcher and data collector used on a tablet device whilst being connected to a Bluetooth laser measure. This enabled valuers to measure properties, collect data, and calculate areas of properties rapidly, whilst in the property.

The result

The result was an upturn in quality and accuracy of inspections, reducing the turnaround time for property valuation reports, and increasing overall performance in terms of efficiency. Valuers were able to complete all work necessary at the property and produce a ‘door-step sign off’.

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