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Stand out with Easy-to-Create Property Simulations

A Property Simulation is a fully interactive virtual 3D model of a property. It goes well beyond a floor plan and allows users to not only feel the space and volume but to change all elements to study the changing environment.

Our software solution requires minimal to no training and allows your users to explore and edit their properties from any device. Sketch via tap and drag or simply edit your property directly in 3D.

Invite your users to view the property, place furniture and move walls to allow them to build their dream home. Get a feel for the property by walking through it in Virtual Reality.

Touch focused drawing

Our software is tailored to usage on the field. Tap, hold and drag to draw a wall – it’s as simple as drawing with pen and paper.

3D Modelling

3D Property Simulation

View your floor plans as 3D models with just one click. Your users can also edit their model and place furniture directly in 3D.

Invite others to view your model in real time

Share your property with others by inviting them to walk through your model with you. Together you can redecorate rooms, adjust walls and much more.

Walk through your property

Walk through your property

Place furniture, redecorate walls, floors and even skirting and coving to create your dream home.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Your finished 3D model can be viewed in Virtual Reality. Have a look around and see how it feels.


The software can be used on multiple platforms including mobile phones and desktop. This way, you can experience your property the way it suits you best.

Export your Sketch

Your floor plan can be used for marketing. You can configure what you want to show in your floor plan export such as area calculations.