The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) provides the UK government with valuations and property advice needed to support taxation and benefits, maintaining council tax bands for 25 million domestic properties, and business rates for 2 million properties.

The task was to move the VOA from manually redrawing property inspections and manually calculating areas, using pen and paper, to a digitalised process to improve productivity and accuracy.

The solution

Apex partnered with the VOA to roll out a digital sketching program to 1000 users that allowed inspections to be drawn up efficiently and accurately, producing a format that could be reused on subsequent inspections of the same property.

The result

The result was a huge improvement in the quality of inspection records and paved the way for the VOA digital transformation project.

The VOA has completed roughly 9,000,000 sketches using the software and the implementation won a Silver Award for excellence in innovation at the 2011 IRRV Awards ceremony.

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