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Work smart. Improve efficiency. Get results. Apex creates intuitive and engaging software solutions that help people work more effectively. We help property professionals across the globe save time, cost and increase productivity.


With a simple yet powerful dashboard, Connexus makes property inspections and valuations more effortless than ever before. Streamline tasks, manage workflow, input data, and create intelligent reports – all from one login. It works seamlessly across all your devices – so whether you’re working at home, in the office, or on the move, Connexus works with you.

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Scribe is the new way to sketch, model and explore property online. Simply enter measurements, and Scribe will generate a fully-customisable, 3D floor plan of your property within seconds. Not only is it useful for inspections, but Scribe also helps to sell property to prospective buyers and tenants. There’s no other tool quite like it.

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We tailor solutions for businesses like Lambert Smith Hampton who call our product ‘Intelligent Reporting’, LPS who call it ‘Mobile Sketching Tool’ and Countrywide plc who call it ‘Launchpad’ But no matter the name, we feel extremely proud when our partners welcome our products into their family – enhancing the user experience and business productivity.


Support is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we provide a bespoke a range of services to satisfy your requirements.  You can choose the services you need – help desk, first line support, more technical expertise or initial training and set-up.

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