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The best ideas grow when there’s a close relationship between your team and ours. A detailed understanding of your business, often gained over years of working together, makes our solutions effective, helping you meet the demands of an ever-changing IT environment.


Your knowledge combined with our love of business and technology is the starting point from which we can make things happen. By sharing expertise, together we can dare to be brave – creating the space to think differently with the freedom to try new ideas, where nothing is impossible.

We tailor solutions for businesses like Lambert Smith Hampton who call our product Intelligent Reporting, and Countrywide plc who call it ‘Launchpad’ But no matter the name, we feel extremely proud when our partners welcome our products into their family – enhancing the user experience and business productivity.


With applications in real estate, and soon corporate security and internal positioning systems, our unique high volume low-cost 3D/VR approach provides exciting new opportunities in these and other markets.


Once the core of our business and now a major component driving high productivity.  We have a range of sketching solutions that support the production of floor plans for the real estate industry; technical drawings, area calculations and data collection modules for surveyors.


Our sketching, report writing, and data recording programs all work on tablet PCs and offline. We have an advanced synchronising system to transfer data to and from a central database which is tailored to match your specific business needs.


We provide a range of reports that we have developed from several reporting engines. These range from a simple one-page brochure to a seventy-page complete property valuation. All are highly responsive and intelligent – we’ve helped simplify clients’ systems from thirty templates down to one intelligent template.


Many of our programs will help you ensure compliance. By clever work flow programming – everything from field validation to bespoke business rules – we can ensure that our product complies with your business processes or legal obligations.


Many of our programs help you ensure compliance.  By clever work flow programming and everything from field validation to bespoke business rules we can ensure that the job is being done correctly.


Support is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we provide a bespoke a range of services to satisfy your requirements.  You can choose the services you need – help desk, first line support, more technical expertise or initial training and set-up.

Our approach