Our solutions

Apex has the expertise to create intuitive and engaging software solutions that help people work more effectively. We offer two products that can either work in tandem or on their own. One is Connexus, a mobile workflow management tool and the other is Scribe, a product that allows a user to sketch a property and collect data on-site to produce an editable VR floor plan.


Built to run on all mobile platforms, Connexus is a flexible, job management system that provides an intuitive way to inspect properties.

Property Professionals can manage multiple jobs, collect all relevant data for them, including photos, floor plan and building attributes and then progress through a managed workflow to ensure compliance.

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For property professionals, who want to increase the accuracy and efficiency of inspections or want to enhance the marketing of a property, Scribe is an easy to learn and fast to use 2D/3D floor planning application.

Built on a gaming platform, Scribe provides an interactive way to draw a property and then share it with people to explore and edit, online, immersively, in 3D.

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We tailor solutions for businesses like Lambert Smith Hampton who call our product ‘Intelligent Reporting’, LPS who call it ‘Mobile Sketching Tool’ and Countrywide plc who call it ‘Launchpad’ But no matter the name, we feel extremely proud when our partners welcome our products into their family – enhancing the user experience and business productivity.


Support is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we provide a bespoke a range of services to satisfy your requirements.  You can choose the services you need – help desk, first line support, more technical expertise or initial training and set-up.

Our approach