A 2D/3D floor planning application providing the opportunity to sketch and explore reality. Scribe allows a user to sketch a property, collect data on-site and produce a VR floor plan that can be edited by anyone, anywhere.

"Scribe allows a user to sketch a property, collect data on-site and produce a VR floor plan that can be edited by others"

Multi Platform

Built on a gaming platform, Scribe provides an interactive way to draw a property layout on any device and then share it with people to explore and edit, immersively, online. Scribe works across platforms which means whether you are using a Windows, Android, or iOS device, or online, using a web browser, you can use the application and all its features anywhere and at any time

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Accurate Inspections

For property professionals, who want to increase the accuracy and efficiency of inspections, Scribe is an easy to learn and fast to use 2D/3D floor planning application. Enter the correct wall measurements and floorplans will be automatically scaled and the areas accurately calculated which means you can be confident in the credibility of your inspections

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Motivate Buyers

For a home buyer, who wants to get a good understanding of a property, Scribe provides an opportunity to easily inspect properties using 3D and virtual reality. Unlike other applications, Scribe allows the end customer to adjust the property to see how it could look as they would live in it.

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Efficiency in the Property

Scribe Integrates with Bluetooth laser measurers so that measurements taken can be automatically sent to the floorplan sketch and instantly update it which means efficiency on-site and accuracy of inspections are greatly improved

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Edit Online

You can place objects from the available library in 3D so that furniture and appliances can be positioned, moved, resized and also you can also change colour which means you can experience the property as you would furnish it.

Wall colours, floor materials, window and door trims are just some of the attributes that can be easily edited so that you can put your own interior design skills to work and visualise the property in their own style.

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Share With Others

Scribe opens up the opportunity to virtually inspect existing properties and get a good feel for the layout before you get there. You can then experiment to see how you would decorate the place and add in the furniture that matches your taste. You can then share your edited property with friends and family and get their feedback.

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